Thursday, 12 April 2012

DIY Bride

As some of you know I myself am getting married in June and I have very much been a DIY Bride I have made most of the things for my wedding myself...

There are pros and cons to making things yourself and I have come across these working on my own wedding!


I made my own wedding first I was going to buy them but as my circumstances changed I decided that I would give it a go myself...and I did enjoy the process of making my own wedding invitations the positives is that I feel they are more personal when I let my guests know that I made them myself...also the compliments have made the time spent on them worth while :)
the negatives were that I have made around 500 bows...and believe me this takes a long time! The whole process of making the wedding invitations was very very time consuming and if you dont have alot of spare time I really would consider buying them!

I also made my table numbers, place cards, post box, favours and will be making my table plan...which is next on my list!

I also got my family involved as my nanna hand wrote names on to my place cards for me...this is a great way of involving family and using their skills!
I am really pleased I did make my own stationery as I love the results and have offered stationery services on my website so if you do like what I created for my own wedding please do get in touch and I can create you something similar if of course you do not make your own...


I designed and made my dress myself...I am a trained fashion designer so I really wouldnt suggest making your own dress unless you have the skills as it is a very detailed process... but of course designing your own dress is a great way to be involved in the process and most bridal wear designers will let you design your own.
I am glad that I made my dress my self as I do have a unique dress for my wedding day and alot of love and care went into creating it...

I also made my bridesmaids dress...

              (Sorry you will have to wait until after my wedding to see a photo of my dress!)


I have made my own jewellery for my wedding day...of course i did ;)  But I also made some of my pieces bespoke and incorporated my "something old & borrowed" into my jewellery which I think was a great way of bringing the tradition into my day.
If you are thinking of making your own jewellery of course give it a try... but if you wanted to design your jewellery and get someone else to make it for you I am very happy to do this for you just get in touch...I can also design you a bespoke piece and incorporate your "something old & something borrowed" into a design unique to yourself.

I also made my bridesmaids jewellery creating it bespoke from one of my designs from and making it to match her dress colour

I also made my mums jewellery creating it bespoke from one of my designs from and making it to match her dress colour


I have also made my ring cushion and garter making them out of the fabric that I made my dress out of...I am more than happy to create these items bespoke out of your own dress fabric just get in touch to arrange the details if you decide not to try and make them yourself...

I also made my own lace head piece...which I will be developing a range around soon...and adding on to my website...I will add photos as soon as they are developed :)

I think the main cons of DIY :

-time scale
-poor outcome & wasting time

The pros of DIY:

-saving money
-making items personal to you
-involving family & friends
-developing skills

I hope this may have been helpful to all of you brides to be thinking of being a DIY bride and if you have any questions please do get in touch...

Love Sarah x

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